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My family and I have had a Kinetico water softener and K5 Drinking Water Station in our home for more than 5 years and we absolutely love both of them!

When we first moved into our house, we noticed that the shower heads in the bathrooms were clogged with white residue and water could only get through about half of the holes. We cleaned them out only to watch them quickly clog up again. We also noticed that our new drinking glasses looked "etched" and cloudy.

We had never lived in an area with water as hard and full of minerals as we have here in Central Indiana, and we became concerned that the water was also damaging things we couldn't see – like the seals in our water-based appliances, the interior of our plumbing pipes and our water heater (which turned out to be filled with about 10 inches of mineral deposits when we had it replaced!).

So we did a little research and chose a Kinetico Premier Series Water Softener and K5 Drinking Water Station. We noticed an immediate difference in a way we weren't expecting – we felt much better after getting out of the shower! Our skin felt softer and even our towels felt softer. And now our shower heads aren't clogged, our glasses and dishes are spot-free and our new water heater is free of deposits and working efficiently like it’s supposed to.

Thanks to our reverse osmosis system, there's no chlorine smell or weird mineral taste in our water. We have not had to buy a bottle of water since! And we have not seen any increase in our utility bills, because Kinetico systems are non-electric.

You might have noticed some of the same issues in your home. And you might have thought you just have to live with it because that's the way the water is around here. But I'm here to tell you...your water can be so much better with Kinetico!

So talk to my friends at Kinetico today about your water issues. They are the best in the business and your appliances, shower heads, glassware and, most importantly, your family will thank you!

Have questions about Kinetico? Email me TODAY and I'll share my experiences!

Dave O'Brien

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