Indianapolis Colts

Kinetico believes making a difference in Central Indiana means forging lasting partnerships with other reputable businesses and organizations. That's why we have joined forces with the Indianapolis Colts.

Teamwork and dependability are just some of the characteristics that have helped the Colts achieve their championships. Kinetico strives to create the same levels of dependability and integrity within our own team, and for every customer we serve.

Kinetico is proud to be the official water treatment provider of the Indianapolis Colts. When you think football, think the Colts. When you think soft, safe, great-tasting water, think Kinetico.

On September 17, 2018,  Kinetico was honored to once again lend a helping hand with Colts to build a playground for a local Indianapolis school. This is the tenth consecutive year the Colts have worked with their partners to build a playground in Central Indiana. The new playground will provide students at Stephen Foster School 67 and neighborhood children with a safe and fun recreational space. 

Feel free to check out the photos and videos from the 2018 event:
Photos from Playground Build
Video from Playground Build

Bob Lamey and Kinetico Water Systems

Bob Lamey is the television play-by-play announcer for the Indianapolis Colts. As a long-time fan of Kinetico, Bob has equipment in his own home to tackle his tough Indianapolis water. His family loves the soft water and great-tasting drinking water!

Watch Bob and Get His Go Blue Offer!