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If you’re plagued by problem water, don’t just ignore it. Fix it with a Kinetico water softener. 

   • Scale buildup on shower heads & faucets
   • Soap scum & bathtub rings
   • Spots on silverware & glasses
   • Staining in sinks & toilets
   • Stiff, dull-looking laundry

With a Kinetico water softener, you'll have abundant, clean, safe water whenever you need it. And if you act quickly, you can get our Premier Series system, which provides the highest quality water for your home, for $1,000 off!

Call today to speak with your local Kinetico water professional. You won't believe the difference a Kinetico water softener can make!

*Offers good for $1,000 off the purchase of a Premier Series water softener or $600 off a Signature Series water softener. Offers expire 3-31-19. Cannot be combined with other offers, and restrictions apply. Offers do not apply to previous purchases. Valid at Indianapolis, IN Kinetico dealers only.

$1 Complete Water Softener Inspection

Do you have an out-of-warranty Kinetico water softener, or any other brand water softener, and you want to know if it’s still working properly? Turn to the water professionals at Kinetico for a complete water softener inspection for ONLY $1!*

This inspection is normally valued at $79.99!

The $1 softener inspection includes:
• System check for proper operation
• Test water
• Adjust all settings
•  Check brine tank

Don't have a Kinetico system? Don't worry! We service most makes and models.

Call today to schedule your complete $1 water softener inspection.

*$1 Inspection will only be performed on out-of-warranty Kinetico water softeners or other brand water softeners by Indianapolis, IN Kinetico dealers only. Any required parts and additional labor are not included. Offer expires 3-31-19 and is valued at $79.99.


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