Water Softener Carbon or Chloroban Media Rebed

Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to kill bacteria in city water and some well water applications. Although chlorine has its benefits, it can also break down the media in your softener over time. That's why Kinetico recommends replacement of the carbon or ChlorobanTM media to ensure your softener continues treating your water effectively. Kinetico Premier Series Q850 Water Softener with Brine Tank

Carbon Media: Recommended replacement every 3-4 years for optimal performance.

Chloroban Media: Recommended replacement every 5 years for optimal performance.

Maintaining healthy carbon/Chloroban media in your system will protect your family and home from the harmful effects of chlorine: Dry skin/hair, faded clothes, drying out of rubber seals in fixtures and appliances, etc.

This service is performed on-site and is completed in approximately 90 minutes.

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