Golden Ticket Referral Program

Our best resource for spreading the word about Kinetico products and services is YOU, our happy customers! When you are enjoying soft, clean and great-tasting water in your home, we encourage you to tell as many friends and family members as possible!

And when your referral purchases a Kinetico system, we will reward you with our Golden Ticket Referral Program! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Ask your Kinetico representative for a Golden Ticket, or download one below, and give it to friends, family members, neighbors or anyone!
  2. When your referral purchases equipment, you will receive up to $250 from Kinetico!
  3. To qualify, the purchasing customer must present the Golden Ticket to a Kinetico rep at the time of appointment.

Get your Golden Ticket today, and start spreading the word about Kinetico water!

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